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Last update: 07.12.2015
Reception's Phone: +48 22 750 00 30
Free Internet Access

We are glad to inform that Zajazd Ustronie offers it's Guests free internet access based on the wireless lan (WLAN)) network. Everyone who has a notebook with a wireless cardbus adapter or other mobile device compatible with WLAN can easily detect "ustronie" network and after connecting with it surf the internet.
The network is built with 2 D-Link access points (DWL-2000AP+) one on each store of the building and a internet connection with parameters 6/2 Mbps, which should guarantee good usage of internet even with many Guests using the network at the same time.
For those who has laptop without wireless cardbus adapter we lend a D-link cards (DWL-650+) without any fees. For the time of usage the card by Guest we collect a deposit of 100 zł, which is given back as soon as the card is returned to reception. In future, we plan to develop our network by enlarging the internet outgoing connection transfer.

Access Point
Wireless Cardbus Adapter
Diagram showing how the WLAN network works

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Zajazd Ustronie Elżbieta Siatkowska, Chylice, ul. Piaskowa 12A, 05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna, tel.: 22 150 00 30

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